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Determining Your Level
  • You must be at Level 3 in the Ace Club to qualify for the Weekly Rewards Wheel.
  • Deposit and Wager the minimum Spend criteria to reach the corresponding Rewards Level.
  • Your Level for the week will be determined by the lowest value of either your deposits or your total wagering during the calendar week (GMT).
  • For example, if you deposit £55 and wager £125 during the calendar week, you will earn Level 2 Rewards Wheel Spins. Rewards Wheels
  • The Wheel can give you a chance to win spins, tickets, jackpot chances, prizes, or cash.
  • You can receive multiple Wheels during a week.
  • If you win a tangible prize, you need to contact us at to confirm your details for us to send the prize.
Superstar Wheel
  • The Superstar Wheel is exclusively available for those who reach Level 4 during a week.
  • An additional Superstar Wheel is added for every £250 deposited and wagered during the calendar week up to 5 Superstar Wheels
  • If you reach Level 4 of the Rewards Wheel in a calendar week, you will receive a Superstar Wheel every Thursday for 4 weeks following your most recent Level 4 achievement.
Wheel Facts
  • The Rewards Wheel changes regularly with new games and prizes.
  • Reward Wheel is unlocked before 6pm Mondays.
  • Wheel Rewards are valid for 7 days after spinning the wheel.
  • Rewards Wheel prize spins are capped at £10.
  • Superstar Wheels are credited on Thursdays.
Contact Us
If you have any questions about the Rewards Wheel, simply contact our Promotions Team at
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Terms & Conditions
    • Rewards Wheel (the “Promotion”) is available to active funded members of .
    • reserves the right to amend or remove the Promotion or any part of the promotion at any time without notice.
    • You are considered to have Opted In to the Promotion upon spinning the Wheel or claiming any of the Vouchers.
    • Rewards Wheel Level is determined based on depositing and wagering activity for the previous calendar week starting 00:00 Monday to 23:59 the previous Sunday. Times are GMT.
    • To reach a Rewards Wheel Level you must deposit the minimum amount for that level AND you must wager the minimum amount for that level.
    • Rewards Wheel Level is determined by the lowest value number of your deposits or wagers for the previous week. For example, if you deposit £25 and wager £125 for the previous week, your Rewards Level be Level 1 as this is based on the lowest value of the two which is £25.
    • If either your deposit value or your wagering value is less than £20 for the calendar week, you will not qualify for the Rewards promotion that week.
    • Your wagering value is calculated on bingo, scratch card, and slots wagering only. Casino table games are not valid for calculating your wagering value.
    • Loyalty Levels do not carry over to the following week.
    • Rewards are calculated every Monday and will be added to your account before midnight Monday.
    • All Rewards Wheel vouchers will be available until the following Monday.
    • Should we have reason to believe a member is attempting to abuse the Promotion, we reserve the right to downgrade that member’s Rewards Level, or withhold Rewards, or close that member's account.


    Rewards Wheel and Superstar Wheel
    • Prizes on the Rewards Wheel and Superstar Wheel (the “Wheels”) are varied and change regularly.
    • Prizes on the Wheels can include Bonus Spins, Free Spins, Speed Vouchers, Free Bingo Tickets, Real Cash, and tangible prizes.
    • Only one Rewards Wheel can be unlocked per day. In the event more than one Wheel is earned, Wheels will be unlocked daily from Monday.
    • Wheels will be available to spin for 30 days from being awarded.
    Jackpot Spins
    • Jackpot Spins do not generate wins other than Jackpot wins. Wins accumulated with Jackpot Spins will not be credited, unless you hit the Jackpot.
    Bonus Spins and Speed Vouchers
    • Bonus Spins points winnings are converted into real funds once the full voucher has been used.
    • Bonus Spins winnings are not capped.
    • Speed Vouchers credit unlimited spins within the time allocated on the speed voucher.
    • Bonus Spins and Speed Vouchers will be credited on a game chosen by and will vary each week.
    Free Tickets
    • Free tickets to Wacky Specials can only be used in the Wacky Specials room which is a 90-ball voucher game playing weekly 8pm Friday nights. Only players that have been credited with free tickets to the room can participate in the game.
    • Wins from Wacky Specials are credited to your real balance and have no wagering requirements.
    • The Big BANG £10K is a 90-ball voucher game, card price is £10 and plays monthly on the 10th at 20:00, only players that have been credited with free tickets to the room can participate in the game.
    • Free tickets to the Big £10K are capped at 10 per person.
    Tangible Prizes
    • Winners of tangible prizes are required to provide consent for the prize to be sent to the registered address on the account by emailing
    • Tangible prizes will be sent out within 21 days of the winner confirming address details and consent.
    • takes no responsibility for prizes being undelivered due to incorrect address details.
    • Winners of tangible prizes have 30 days to claim their prize and provide consent.
    Withdrawal Terms
    • If you request a withdrawal from your real money bankroll before using all free spins or bingo game vouchers you will lose all bonus funds, and any remaining vouchers.
    • Withdrawing Funds: The amount you are able to withdraw from your account is subject to a minimum of £5. If your withdrawal request is for less than £5, the amount you have requested to withdraw will be returned to your Bankroll.
    • We reserve the right to deny bonuses, if you were found taking advantage of our bonus offers or any other deceitful activity cross the sites operated by the Company.

  • Players located in Northern Ireland cannot participate in this promotion.
  • You can find more details about our withdrawal limits in our Withdrawal Policy.
  • General Bonus Policy applies.
  • General Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Players must be 18+ years of age to qualify.
  • Last updated 7th April 2021.