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Wheely Wheely Big Win

try and win some wheely big wins on this wheely fun slot game

About Wheely Wheely Big Win

Wheely Wheely Big Win is unique in that it takes roulette and makes it accessible to every level of player in a fun, exclusive twist on the traditional game. Players must spin two conjoined wheels – one red, one black – in order to hit that sweet spot and bag a wheely wheely big win.

Game Play

On Wheely Wheely Big Win, click on the Stake button to select your stake. Use the left and right arrows to adjust it and decide how much of each wheel will be in play. Since some parts of the wheel are aligned with the arrows at the top, the larger the exposed wheel segment is, the higher your winning potentials are. The same applies when your wheel segment is smaller, with the winning amount increasing.

After adjusting the wheels, press the Spin button. Your aim is to make the wheel land between the arrows at the top of the screen. Trigger an amazing win if it lands on the selected sections of both wheels on the arrow. Earn a higher amount if you choose to keep your wheel segments small. Are you ready to give it a try?

If you stick to the base game entirely, your chances to win are quite average. Each turn is just as likely to fail, unlock a small reward or the ultimate jackpot. As for the paytable, it contains card icons, flowers, tropical birds, black panthers and other specimens of the local flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you could win up to 4000 credits at once in Panther Queen. But to reach such a jackpot, you will really have to make use of all of the game functionalities.

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