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Star Raiders Scratchcard

Blast into space in this galactic slots game!

Min BetMax BetPaylinesWildsBonus Game
20p £20 20


Have you ever wanted to go to outer space and fly around amongst the stars? This Star Raiders is the perfect opportunity to do this in the comfort of your own home! With lasers flying everywhere and big prizes to be won, we're certain this scratch card game will have you playing for hours on end!

How to Play

Place your bet, by choosing the amount on the ‘Bet’ up and down buttons. Press the button marked "Buy Ticket". Reveal what is in the clamps. This can be done two ways. You can either click on each symbol or you can remove them all by clicking on the ‘Show All’ button. Any symbol that is clicked plays an animation where the symbols opens up and the spaceships plays an animation a single time. Once the clam has opened, either by clicking each Atari symbols, or by clicking “show all”, player checks to see if he has won. It can be done either by checking that there are 3 matching symbols or by looking at the bottom screen on the “Win” box. Winning symbols play animation in a loop constantly and a radial glow shines behind the winning Symbols. A text message “You win!” pops up in a win scenario. A text message “Try again” pops up in a lose scenario.

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