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Slingo Fortunes

About Slingo Fortunes

Slingo goes East in the Slingo Fortunes game, where players open lucky red envelopes over the course of 10 spins in this increasingly popular fusion of slots and bingo.

Game Play

Here, the aim is to match the numbers on a set of 5 reels with the 5x5 grid above them, winning prizes when you complete rows, columns or diagonals across it. At the start of each round, you are shown 26 traditional Chinese red envelopes which, according to the local custom, are signs of good fortune. Hidden within each envelope is a prize value which is awarded if you get a Full House by the end of the game. You then have 10 spins of the reels below the 5x5 grid of numbered envelopes. In each spin, any matching numbers that appear on the 5 single-row reels will see any corresponding envelopes in the column above replaced by star symbols. As each envelope opens, it will also reveal a cash amount that will correspond to the values on the yellow and green boards to either side of the grid, eliminating the matching amount. The aim is to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of stars, called a Slingo, before the 10 spins are over. but there are special modifier symbols that can appear, either helping or hindering your progress.

Jokers and Devils

A smiling cartoon Joker in a red hat is a wild symbol. He can open any envelope in the column above his reel position if it helps complete a row of stars. A green Super Joker is even more useful as he will be able to open an envelope in any position on the grid, not just those above him. But look out for the Devil symbol, as this guy will be able to block any potential matches on the reels.

There’s one other symbol that can appear, and that’s the Free Spin icon. This simply adds one more spin to the original 10, although several can turn up in the course of these games, which means you could have a number of extra chances to complete rows of stars.

Prize Boosts

To the left of the grid, there’s a Prize Boost Ladder. As you complete more Slingos, you move up the ladder, earning multipliers on any remaining lines. You’ll need to complete 4 lines to trigger the first reward, which sees a traditional Chinese fortune bowl appearing on the screen. This symbol gives you the choice to either accept the offer shown along with the bowl, decline the pick and open the envelope that you originally chose, or continue with the spins.

If you opt for the latter, the next win will be multiplied by 2x, followed by 3x and so on. This continues until you reach all the way up the ladder to a Full House, and your prizes will be multiplied by a huge 20x. At the end of the spins, unless you have a Full House, you will be offered extra spins at a cost which is displayed on the screen, along with any potential wins if the reels land numbers or Jokers in your favour.

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