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Love Island Slingo

Play The Slingo Variant of the Hit TV Show

Min BetMax BetPaylinesWildsJackpot
10p £100 12

About Slingo Love Island

Your favourite reality show meets bingo and slots. Get ready for sun, sea, and slot spins with Love Island style Slingo! Win up to £5,000 from a single game!

Game Play

Slingo Love Island starts with a 5x5 grid, completed with a slots-reel at the bottom. The reel is spun to match numbers with those on the grid above. Numbers are marked off in attempt to fill a line or diagonal and win a "slingo".


To get a winning line, called a "slingo", you match numbers on their reel to those on the grid, and move up the pay ladder. A slingo is any vertical or horizontal or diagonal making up 5 completed numbers.

Wild Skill and Strategy

The game offers you unprecedented interaction, with wild beachballs that can be used to mark off numbers. Select a number to mark off carefully, consider what will help you fill a pay line fastest to achieve a slingo and a win! There are normal wilds which allow you to select a number on the same column, and super wilds which allow you to select a number on the whole grid.

Sometimes wilds can be used to fill two slingo lines at once, if you have two intersecting lines both needing one more number, so keep an eye out for those, especially with a super wild!

Watch out for free spins appearing in the centre column which will give you one extra blue ball spin. Free spins happen after all your normal red balls are used.

Instant Prizes and Sharks

Get 3 or more wilds/super wilds in any combination for an instant cash prize.

Find a coin in the centre column to win an instant cash prize.

Watch out for sharks in the centre column, which block potential matches!

Buy Spins

Like many social games, you get the opportunity to keep filling your win line by purchasing more pink balls for extra spins. You can buy up to 6 extra pink reel spin balls at the end of each game!

Love Island Slingo

Catch up on Love Island and play one of the hottest Slingo mash-ups!